Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread

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Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread

Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread

These are bursting with flavor, made with bio-kinetics sprouted wheat. With a light, fluffy texture- this recipe will be loved by everyone. You can make this in a bread machine (set to the dough cycle) or you can by hand.


2 eggs

2 cups water

1/2 cup butter or coconut oil

1/2 raw honey or sweetener of your choice

2 packages of active yeast ( if using bread machine use bread machine yeast)

1 tbsp. real salt

3 cups whole wheat flour

3 cups sprouted whole wheat flour bio-kinetics

1/2 cup sprouted multi grain flour bio-kinetics


Boil 1 cup of water. In a large bowl put in butter or oil with sweetener and stir. Add in boil water. In a small bowl set aside the remaining 1 cup of warm water and add a little sugar and then add your yeast. Let it rise. Add in eggs and stir. Add in the flours and salt. Mix together until combine. On a flat surface, sprinkle with flour and knead dough until firm. Put into large bowl cover and let rise 1 hour.  Once hour is done shape the dough in to loaf shape cover and let rise another hour. Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes. Enjoy!

Directions for bread machine :

Add the liquids in first, add sweetener, eggs and butter or oil. Add in flours made a small indent on flour and add the yeast. Set your bread machine to dough cycle. Once cycle is complete shape in bread roll and bake ar 350 for 30-45 minutes. Enjoy!

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


3 Responses

Ellie Kane
Ellie Kane

July 02, 2020

Hello , is this recipe for two loafs of bread? please specify


June 25, 2020

Hi, i have a question. Does this wheat bread recipe use total 6.5 cups flour? Doesn’t sound right to me so asking.

Lilian Avak
Lilian Avak

June 04, 2020

I’d like to try the flours I got to make this bread. However the measurement for sweetener is missing the unit:
1/2 (???) raw honey or sweetener of your choice
For the purpose of accuracy, it would be great if you mention the weight (gram) of the flour instead of volume (cup)
Thank you.
Lilian Avak

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