About Us


Our journey started in the early 1990s when we began searching for healthier flours to naturally increase the vitamins, minerals and such that we knew where lacking in the mass processed products on the market. Our search came up with zero products available. As busy parents this was not the answer we needed to provide our children the building blocks they needed for a vigorous and healthy lifestyle. Let alone for us to keep up with them!


Fortunately this was not the end but marked the beginning of Bio-Kinetics which means ‘Life in motion’. This led us to find organic seeds and grains and begin finding that sweet spot in the sprouting cycle that unlocks the most energy that has been trapped inside the dormant seeds. Imagine the excitement when we received the test results showing the increased vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics in our sprouted flours! We have not only found a way to sprout these seeds but also dry and mill them retaining all the goodness that Mother Nature intended for us to have.


As we recognized the growing need for adults and children to eat healthier at all stages in life, we have now developed our sprouted Baby Cereal Flakes. These organic, sprouted baby cereal flakes are for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you add them to your smoothie to make it a power smoothie or just add milk and feed it to baby you are making a difference!


We believe in offering the tools for you to embrace a healthy lifestyle and feel good about your choices!