Stop That Nay Saying:

by Alesha Jansen

Stop That Nay Saying:

It’s that time of year again with New Year resolutions set and goals ready to reach. Goals are a good thing to set for yourself…..long as we don’t give into that nay saying/negative thinking about ourselves. Yes, about ourself! Your mind is very powerful, instead of giving yourself a discouraging pep talk about how you ate cake all weekend know you ate it and you don’t need to add that extra guilt to it, you don’t need to compare yourself to someone else, you don’t need to feel down about it, you don’t need to punish yourself, you don’t need to talk negativity about your flaws, you simply don’t need to. Instead look in the mirror and say to yourself; I HAVE THIS!! Because my friend you do, and you will succeed and accomplish it to. Rome wasn’t built in a day; give yourself some time and some very positive thinking about yourself and the way you are approaching your goals. It have been proven that with negative talking to yourself, comparing yourself to others can cause you to;

1. Think less of your life

2. Less confidence 

3. Lower self esteem 

4. Less happiness and enjoyment 

5. Less feelings of strength  

6. Less energy 

7. Less peace of mind 

8. Less success 

9. Less enjoyable social interactions 

10. Less health benefits

As you can see there is really no end to it if we starting thinking negative about ourselves. In reality that perfect picture just didn’t happen. How many did it take to get that “perfect pose?” 

Instead we should focus on what we have accomplished; you ate clean for 4 days straight, that is an excellent start. You should feel proud of yourself! Or you worked out steady  3 days of the week, or are working on  a new move. The main thing here is that you acknowledge to yourself what you  are doing and are trying to achieve. I can assure you it is worth everything you put into it. Always striving to do better, learn more, and reach for more. The sky is the limit, even though it may feel like you hit the ceiling and it will not budge. Being realistic with yourself will help with disappointment, and please no one is perfect, everyone has some kind of flaw they do not like, or they struggle with things you cannot see. Understanding and being confident in yourself is the best thing you can do. Be the best of you and that is perfect! As someone once said, all flowers are

 beautiful. The sunflower, the rose, the peony, the daffodil they are all unique in their own way. Each flower is a masterpiece on its own. So as we begin setting goals for ourselves keep in mind to be kind to yourself, because only you can do that. Be the positive you want to see! Cheers to you for 2017! 

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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