Fun Facts of Stage 2 Baby Cereals

by Alesha Jansen

Fun Facts of Stage 2 Baby Cereals

Fun Facts of Stage 2 Baby Cereal. 


Below is the benefit of stage 2 cereal mix : Peaches, Lentils and Quinoa. 

Peaches: Not only do I taste delicious but am full of nutritional goodness for your body.  I contain vitamin A  - helping your eyes stay strong. Vitamin C - helping your immune system stay strong and healthy. I contain Fibre - for your digestive system plus many essential  minerals. 

Fun Fact: Where do Peaches originate ? China

I am combined with sprouted Lentils and Quinoa. 

Lentils: I'm a type of legume which is highly nutritious  , a great choice for growing babies and toddlers. I add in iron, potassium , folate and dietary fibres. 

Fun Fact : Who grows the most lentils? Canada

Quinoa:  I am know as a superfood! I am also sprouted , helping to make little bodies grow strong and healthy. I contain the most protein of any grain, I am tiny but mighty -a great antioxidant, eight essential amino acids, hypoallergenic , and when you eat me you will use 90 percent of me. I am also know as gluten free!

Fun Fact: I am actually relative to spinach, beets and chard.     


There is more fun facts coming about the other sprouted  stage 2 cereal mixes . They are fun to read to kids and let us know how you like the fun facts in the comments below. 


Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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