4 Ways To Use Sprouted Products

by Alesha Jansen

4 Ways To Use Sprouted Products

4 Ways to Use Sprouted Products
Using sprouted flours, cereals, and smoothie mix in your daily life is really simple. By starting with small amounts and gradually adding more into your day is a sustainable way to start and stay on track with sprouted. Not only is sprouted easy to digest ( read this article on how sprouted products digest verse non sprouted) high in nutrition. Which is important to your health and promotes a healthy gut. Your body is able to heal it’s self from the inside out. Spoil your body it will thank you ! Now lets get started with helping you use our sprouted products daily.
  1. 180 Smoothie mix, great way to start your day, mix it up in a blend with your favorite greens, fruits and liquid. Our sprouted smoothie mix does not contain any additives of any sort, fillers, etc. It’s pure organic sprouted nutrition that will help power you though your day. Sprouted 180 mix will help you with digestive problems and allergic reactions , leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disorders, joint pain and rashes. Vital minerals found in the 180 smoothie mix such as zinc and cooper help prevent bone loss, growth stunt and other factors associated with lack of important nutrients in other diets. Since it is also high in fibre it helps keep you fuller for longer periods of time ,the sprouted foods help stabilize your blood sugar levels .This particle smoothie mix is also rich in essential fatty acids including omega – 3 which is need for a healthy brain development, glowing skin, hair and strong nails.  Another  benefit of taking this smoothie mix is it is high in levels of  prebiotics (  Prebiotics  are a non-digestible carbohydrates that act as nourishment for probiotics.)Prebiotics help probiotics grow and remain in the digestive system thereby assisting in the maintenance of the balance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria (Dietitians of Canada, 2015). ) There is oodles of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in this smoothie mix. The vitamin content increases dramatically since they are sprouted; up to 515% in some cases. Enzyme content is also substantially increased. Best way to get your enzymes is through sprouted foods.
  2. Sprouted baby cereals are not only great for babies, toddlers , kids but also adults. Make yourself or family some sprouted cereal in the morning, you may eat it hot , cold or make a breakfast in a cup. Not only are these cereals very easy to digest but the quality of the sprouted grain you are eating, is digesting like a vegetable in your body and the value of the seed increases up 300-900% over non sprouted products. Super fuel your body and mind thought the day . Another reason to make the change to sprouted cereals is that there is NO   added minerals, vitamins, sugars, starches,  etc. The cereals are processed and packaged in a USDA Organic facility and meet the current FDA, Kosher, and GMP. This sprouted cereal is the nature’s best nutritional and has all your nutrition needs covered.Superb quality making it an excellent choice for everyone. Start them out right giving them the nutrition to grown in body and mind. All the sprouted cereals are very easy to digest, and no constipation worries.  So go ahead and make it a staple for breakfast or a quick snack in the day. Feel free to add it into smoothies, breads, and snacks.3.
  3. Sprouted flours can sometime be trick trying to find the correct ratio to use in your baking, on our website you will find a few recipes to try. A great rule of thumb to use is start with half the recipe in sprouted and use the other half regular flour. Sprouted flours add nutrition but also excellent flavor to your recipe. A few more benefits of why adding sprouted flours is perfect is. Our bodies are now able to function at top health. Giving your immunity the boost it needs.  These wonderful sprouted grains combat and prevent diabetes and cancer, protect against fatty liver disease, decrease the risk of cardiovascular conditions and high blood pressure, and reduce the number of instances of depression and fatigue. We all need the extra boost and why not make it simple.4.
  4. Bumper Cakes are the perfect go to snack on busy days, fitness, school snacks, birthday parties , sports and adventures.  Store them in your freeze and pop them into your bag as you start your day. Great source of fibre, antioxidant, and protein .They are 100 % sprouted whole grain, low in sugar . These protein sprouted snacks also have your daily need of antioxidants, 13 grams of protein, great source of naturally occurring probiotics, prebiotic and complex carbs . Dairy free and easy to digest as well.No need to feel guilty about eating or feeding them to your family and friends.
Enjoy all the sprouted deliciousness and remember to drink lots of water and spoil yourself from the inside out.
Cheers to a happy healthy you.

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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