Benefit Of Juicing Fruits and Veggies.

by Alesha Jansen



Why Juicing Your own veggies and fruits raw can be so beneficial.


What you need: high quality juicer and a bunch of organic  veggies and fruits!


Juicing your raw vegetables and fruits provides you 95 % of your daily intake need of vitamins and enzymes! By juicing fruits and vegetable they can quickly entered into you bloodstream for all the nutritional goodness you need for your digestive organs. Juicing makes it possible to get all your nutritional vitamins, minerals and enzymes needs from the real food source. Depending on where you live, you may have the option of having fresh organic products delivered to right to your door.  If this is not available in your area, farmer markets are also another great way to get your produce.


Try drinking your juiced veggies and fruits the same day as they are made for optional nutritional value, since the juice when meets the air will be oxidize, hence altering the value of your juice. Do not stress if you can not drink your freshly pressed juice the day you made it, it still has many health benefits for you simply store any juice not used in the fridge in a glass container.


Juicing is also another way to get your children to get all their fruits and vegetables they need for a healthy body and mind of their growing bodies. Juice and give to them as it is, or mix into a smoothie, add to yogurt, there is an abundance of ways to utilize your fresh juice.  If at all possible try to buy organic as it has no chemical and pesticide residue on the food, making it healthier for you and your little ones.


Juicing can also help for exercising by the following;

  •  Increasing your blood count
  • Improving your respiratory function
  • Neutralizing oxidative stress from intensive workouts
  •  ower inflammation and repairing cellular damage.



Below are a few links: Keep in mind some may not work you depending where you live.

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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