Sprouted Nutrition

by Alesha Jansen

Sprouted Nutrition

Sprouted Nutrition:

Why are Bio-Kinetics sprouted grains the ultimate way to consume your grains?

The answer lies in the way we sprout, they digest like vegetables. They have been tested and proven to increased nutritional value from 300-900%. Wow, I know! What else is there to love about these sprouted is grains is the fact that you can use them in every single recipe of your life and satisfy your cravings. Our sprouted flax has a nutty flavor and when we are milling it the whole room smells like fresh baked banana bread… it does taste very good in banana bread too! Our wheat and barley have a rugged and bolder flavor while the sprouted brown rice flour is mild and don't forget about the sprouted multigrain flour, amazing crunch delicious in crackers, flatbreads, pizza dough, breads, dinner rolls, simply everywhere you would love to have the extra texture, robust flavor and great eye appeal.  Amazing for your body and health and also for little ones, we have sprouted baby cereals which any child (or adult) will love. 


Why is sprouted seeds and grains so important for your body....

Before the sprouting process many grains are able to pass through your body and still germinate...this means your body has not been given any nutritional value from those products. By sprouting, we use the key of Mother Nature to unlock the nutrients of sleeping seeds to unleash all the goodness. This is a slower, time consuming way but we know it’s better for everyone. We feel it is important to produce high quality and nutritional benefiting products for young and old! 

Sprouted products are naturally high in and probiotics, prebiotics and live enzymes these are essential for your little ones growing brain and body.   Enzymes from these sprouted products are the nutrients and biological catalysts that act on the elimination of toxins, construction of new tissue, nerve cells, muscle, bone, skin and glandular tissue. Since literally every single system of the body from muscles, nervous system, vascular system, growth, cell reproduction, immunity, antioxidant defense and

digestive systems are dependent upon enzymes.  The enzymes rich sprouted organic seeds/grains lead to heightened enzyme activity within the body, and regeneration into the bloodstream these seeds and grains use the original vitamins, minerals and bacterial flora created by Mother Nature herself. 


Remember the 5 essential benefits of Bio-Kinetics sprouted products: 

1. Increased enzyme activity  

2. Increased Essential Fatty Acids  

3. Increased Vitamin C, E and Choline 

 4. Increased Folic Acid, Biotin and Beta-carotene  

5. Increased Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids  


 What more is there to love about these wonderful healthy tasty sprouted products? Go ahead and use these wonderful sprouted flours and baby cereal products in your everyday living/eating the options to use them are endless!  You can be confident that you are giving the very best to your body for optimal performance. 


Enjoy theses amazing sprouted grain products and let us know how you use them and how like them!

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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