Mental Health Over the Holidays:

by Alesha Jansen

Mental Health Over the Holidays:

Mental Health Over the Holidays: 


Holiday season is a very busy and social time of year where it is spent with family and friends or the pressure and / or of not having family and friends to celebrate the Christmas cheer.

Some are missing their loved ones, other their own personal loneliness, this time of year it is felt a lot. Some may be excited but overwhelmed with all the time-consuming requirements. Whatever the reason maybe we hope this is helpful in some way.  

Below are a few ways that may help.  

  1. Buget:  

There are many expenses over the holiday from food to presents, please remember going into debt or overspending is not worth the after effect. Ways to not overextend yourself is to plan ahead if possible and stick to your buget. Memories last a lifetime people often don’t remember what they received 2, 3, 5 years ago but they do remember the memories and traditions that were created. There is many ways to show your love and gratitude   to those that are important to you without breaking the buget or bank.  

  1. Family: 

The holiday offers much time for family and making memories. This can also bring up feelings of tension, stress and sadness. If this is the case for your try and set boundaries and avoid or stay away from mentions topics that may become heated. Do not feel guilty if you need to standup, speak up or excuse yourself when needed.  For others it is a time where if you lost a loved one it is felt, it may be difficult, but this is the time to create new traditions and find a way to honor a loved one.  

  1. Take Care:  

Take the time to take care of yourself during the holidays so you are not running on empty. Remember to drink enough water, try and get enough sleep and exercise. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the holiday with courage and hopefully enjoy the magical time of year.   

Another way to feel the holiday spirit is try do random acts of kindness or volunteer at a shelter. Do small acts of kindness will make you feel good and lift your spirits 

Try writing down what you are truly thankful and grateful for can help keep us looking at the positive during the busy holiday season. This time is usually chaotic, but it doesn’t have to drive us insane, take the time to recharge yourself and feel the magic in the air.  

We hope you have a lovely holiday season.  

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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