Eating Right For A Happy You

by Alesha Jansen

Eating Right For A Happy You

Eating Right For A Happy You


Happy balanced hormones can take a varity of things , but here are a few ways that can help you start. By eating the right foods and resetting your gut health can be a helpful step.

You often hear food is medicine, and we truly do need the right nutritionaly dense food . Eat right and feel the difference.

What should I eat is often confusing, start simple and see how you feel. 

Eat enough protein with your meals. Protein is essential for providing amino acids which you body can not produce on its own. Protein is also essential for maintaining muscle, bone and skin healthy. You will also feel fuller for longer periods of time when you eat protein which will help increace your metabolism . 

Refined carbs and sugars are a big no and have been linked to a number of healthy issues. Sugar not only ages you , but its does damage to your gut health ( please read ) and ( ). Our western diet is sadly high in processed food which are high in sugar, high fructose, artifical ingredients, low nutrients, low fibre, high in trans fats , all this cause rapid spikes in blood sugar, effects your moods and much more. Say no to the sugar and simple carbs and eat whole grains,meat with no hormones added and real fruits and veggies. You will find that after a month or so of cutting out the processed food you will no longer have the craving for them. 

Stress is another major way that can wreak havoc to your body and hormones. Our lifestyle are at such a high pace than before. Find a way to unwind, breathe deep , excerise and find a way to destress that works for you. Our bodies are all diffent what works for ones doesn't work for another. Talk to someone or try visiting a naturopath or doctor.

Eat enough healthy fats , such as mtc oils , nuts, avocados , flax, and salmon. Get enough high quality sleep , eat sprouted grains, and avoid over/ under consumming calories . Eating sprouted grains is a great way to get in antioxandiets, pre and probiocts, fibres, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals .

Eating whole foods that are pure and simple is what your body needs to function at its best. You will not only feel better but your skins, hair and complexion will be all around better.  

Let us know in the comments  below how you enjoy eating healthy and how its helped.
Cheers to a happy and healthy summer

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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