Benefit of Exercise while Pregnant:

by Alesha Jansen

Benefit of Exercise while Pregnant:

Benefit of Exercise while Pregnant:



Exercising is a win- win for both mother and child:


Below you will find some of the reasons why exercising while pregnant is amazing for both of you!


-Helps control healthy weight gain: again around 7 pounds less compared to those who where not active doing pregnancy.


-Helps boost energy levels: Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, so you don't tire as easily and lifts you mood as well.Even walking 10 -30 minutes a day can help  . A great fitness program while pregnant is fitness for two by Sia Cooper (diary of fit mommies), or a fitness program designed for prenatal of your choice.


-Helps relieve anxiety: Yoga, stretching and deep breathing, along with healthy eating habits helps combat anxiety.


-Helps reduce soreness/uncomfortableness: Overall, regular exercise stretches and strengthens your muscles, which helps your body cope better with the aches and pains of pregnancy . Stretches ease back pain, walking improves your circulation, squats helps increase pelvic floor muscles. It also helps in preventing back pain, prepping your body for labor   and swimming can strengthen your abdominal muscles. Yoga is also another great way to workout out or throw into to your fitness as your closer to your due date.


-Helps for better deliver : your labor may be shorter, since giving birth is often liken to running a marathon! Strong core and fit cardio system will definitely be of aid in the final stages of child labor you will love all that extra strength.


-Helps for faster child birthing and recovery:   Many women have found that daily exercise before pregnancy and continued throughout their pregnancy bounced back to their pre pregnancy body faster. Definitely an incentive!


-Helps for better sleep: With all the extra weigh and uncomfortableness many women find that 15-30 minutes of excersie helps them sleep better at night.


A Few Of The Myths and Facts of working out  while pregnant:


Myth #1: Never get your heart rate over 130 while exercising during pregnancy.


Fact: People have set this target heart rate and it was never based on anything. Keep in mind to stay hydrated, take breaks and to not over exhaust yourself during your workout while pregnant. If you start feeling dizzy, cramping, etc. stop and tone down the workout ; listen to your body, pregnancy is not the time to try and better your pre pregnancy workout times and goals.


Myth #2: It's  unsafe to do abdominal work during pregnancy.


Fact: There is nothing wrong with working your abs with some modifations to the ab exercise, just avoid any exercise that requires lying flat on your back. Keep in mind working your abs while pregnant increases your chance for DA (Diastasis recti slitting of the abnormal muscles which is never fun), this is an area where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Myth #3: Pregnancy can make you more prone to certain fitness injuries.


Fact:  Of course there is some execerise that are a no-no such as scuba diving etc. General rule of thumb, after you have your doctors approval most women are able to continue doing what they were prior to pregnancy. Your body adapts to the extra weight and being more off balance since  it is continually changing within the 9 months, just keep in this in mind and exercise with modifaction when necessary.


If I exercise too much during pregnancy, I will pull nutrients from my baby so he/she won't grow properly.


No, it has been proven (see link below) that mothers who exercise throughout pregnancy baby where very healthy, mothers are less likely to develop diabetes, preeclampsia and helps reduces the risk of premature births.


Always consult your doctor before you start any exercise program.

Alesha Jansen
Alesha Jansen


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